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Affordable SEO Packages by ActivResults Internet MarketingActivResults is an internet marketing company that was founded with the purpose of helping business improve measure and manage their online presence.  We exist and get excited by the difference that we have seen online marketing make on the bottom line of our clients.

The Advantages of online marketing includes:

  • Reduced Cost – You can market your business effectively online at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional marketing channels like TV advertisements, advertising in the local newspaper or other media like the yellow pages.
  • Everything is measurable – With online marketing, all your efforts can easily be tracked and monitored in terms of the amount of traffic your website attracts, and how much of this traffic gets converted to leads and then most importantly how many of these leads convert to sales.
  • Brand Engagement – A regularly updated website with well written content that maintain people’s interest is an excellent way to show prospective clients how your business is distinctive – how you offer best value to your clients.
  • Demographic Targeting – Easily target highly specific demographics and regions with your online marketing efforts.
  • Real-time results – With a paid search campaign you will experience real-time results that allows you to tweak your marketing message until you experience your desired results.
  • Long term exposure – one of the top benefits of an organic search marketing campaignoptimising your website for specific keywords – is that you will experience a long term return on investment.  Once your website’s visibility is well established with the search engines, it is easy to do regular low-cost maintenance of your online strategy.
  • Product Information – Today’s consumers want to compare reviews and opinions of friends, bloggers and industry experts before making a buying decision, therefore it is critical that you provide quality, linkable information that is searched for regularly.  This makes the next step of converting users into paying customers quite easily.
  • Less Intrusive – Target people that are specifically searching for your product or service online and convert them into clients.

Our Online Marketing Services include:

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